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Throughout the years, we have taken great pride in breeding 'Production-Pure Genetics' which includes cows that are both profitable and functional. In fact, we have bred more than 300 Excellent individuals throughout our time as Registered Jersey breeders. This number does not include daughters of our bulls that have gone on to do well for their new owners or semen marketing companies.

This website also highlights a few of our more prolific and well-known cow families. Follow this links to learn more about Harmony, Renea & Linda, Chill & Kitten and Dally!

Today's Herd

At our most recent herd appraisal in August 2020, we had some exciting highlights. We had nine newly appraised Excellent individuals, as well as two Excellent cows receive additional points. Overall, we appraised 231 females and they had an average score of Very Good-82%.

The first lactation group of our herd also had a great appraisal day. We had 74 animals appraise Very Good which meant they had appraisal values of 80-89. Some of the sires of these cows are Ronaldo, Vandrell, Eusebio, Avon, Leonel, Priapus, Harris*, Axis and a few other individuals. If you're interested in what we're using in our herd today, give us a call!

*Denotes Schultz bred sire.

Including newly appraised Excellent:


Schultz Speed Vellah, EX-92%
Schultz Prescott Bonnie, EX-91%
JX Schultz Draper Janet {4}, EX-90%
JX Schultz Leonel Perry {4}, EX-90%
*JX Schultz Harris Katie {5}, EX-90%


Gained Excellent Points


Eagles McAdam Prime, EX-92%
JX Schultz Gus Fanta {4}, EX-91%

JX Schultz Eusebio Lindsie {5}, EX-90%
JX Schultz Ti Pearlie {3}, EX-90%
JX Schultz Revolution Rachel {3}, EX-91%
*JX VMF Harris Anna {5}, EX-90%


Two-Year-Olds Appraising Very Good-86 to 88%

JX Schultz Leonel Kaylie {4}, VG-88%
Schultz Axis Berthie, VG-87%
JX Schultz Eusebio Klaire {5}, VG-87%
JX Schultz Vandrell Donna {3}-P, VG-87%
JX Schultz Ronaldo Brianna {4}, VG-87%

JX Schultz Axis Harmae {5}, VG-86%
JX Schultz Ronaldo Darby {4}, VG-86%
JX Schultz Eusebio Fantum {5}, VG-86%
JX Schultz Axis Linda {6}, VG-86%

Popular Cow Families at Huffard Dairy Farms